Dear Friends,

As I am sure you know, Bread & Jams has merged with Eliot Community Human Services, , a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We are honored and very proud to continue the mission of Bread & Jams at the same location in Cambridge Massachusetts. We are also very pleased that Gabriel Paci, former President of Bread & Jams has been elected to the Board of Directors of Eliot, where he will continue to serve and be an advocate for the underprivileged, as he has for the past 20 years.

Our Homeless Services Division, of which Bread & Jams is a part, is committed to the eradication of homelessness, and Bread & Jams is clearly a jewel in the spectrum of services that Eliot offers. Over the past year, Bread & Jams provided 270 homeless persons with a safe, supportive drop-in environment, where they could get off the street; address basic needs for hygiene, nutrition and clothing; and access case management and other supportive services furnished by program staff and staff from our other homeless programs. Over 200 clients were also able to obtain treatment for health, mental health, substance abuse-related problems; and address outstanding legal issues which would otherwise preclude them from obtaining housing or employment.

The philosophical foundation of Eliot is our commitment to serving the most vulnerable of populations, those who are most at risk and have limited or no resources to access help. The programs within the Eliot network provide a continuum of care to a varied population. The agency is governed by a Board of Directors, representative of the community it serves, who share a strong commitment to providing services that ensure that individuals may realize their fullest potential. We provide a wide range of community based services for individuals and families of all ages.

Please continue to support Bread & Jams as you have so generously in the past. Your contributions will be used as they always have, to help others to move beyond homelessness and dispair... a daunting task, as we strive to provide more services, with less funding, to a population that is so in need of help and whose plight often seems insurmountable.


Kate Markarian
Chief Executive Officer
Eliot Community Human Services

Your donations are essential to our operations. It is your financial support that allows us to provide meaningful services in this community.

These donations will be used to support Bread & Jams in our ongoing mission.

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